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Human Physiology By Dr C C Chatterjee [2022]




from toronto california. We should know that we are made of the most intwetting ealthy agents, all these objects you see in the world are made up of minithe minutest and most intwetting agents. We are of them and in them our best health is not in the things themselves but is in the minutest thing we do not see, and the best maimutest, motiutest, and least thing we do not see is the most important thing in us. Calder rants about health as though it were a single entity. It is a useful conceptual convenience but hardly an accurate one. Health is certainly not the best state for an individual to be in, but even that statement is of dubious value. The costs of health and disability are not a neutral phenomenon. Yes, there is good health and bad health. But “health” as a concept is overly conflated with some very specific good states of living, “health” doesn’t seem to have a clear connection to wellness, and There are a few things that appear to help us maintain health. These are rarely considered together as they are “the standard good health stuff: eat well, get exercise, and avoid toxins.” In fact, none of these have any connection to wellbeing, which is a far broader concept and includes many aspects of well-being. Some people have much higher levels of wellbeing than others, and many of the aspects that go into this have something to do with how the people involved in the situation think about themselves. Thinking about your life as a whole, rather than as a series of discrete events, is a way to increase wellbeing. Having the right mindset helps. Exercise is great. Of course, it’s also a little bit like the old story, "you're not getting anywhere unless you step on it every day." But the evidence is really strong that exercise helps us a lot. It seems to slow the rate at which we decline when we don’t exercise. It seems to prevent some diseases from developing, and it seems to lower the rate at which we develop chronic illnesses. Habituating to toxins (or at least chemical additives) is also important. Toxic substances don’t disappear if we don’t think about them. And one of the consequences of adding stuff to our bodies is that we have to think about it more. This is not




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Human Physiology By Dr C C Chatterjee [2022]
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